Renovations – Directions Needed

Imagine you’re driving. You’re on the open highway at dusk. In the middle of nowhere. The sun is setting over the horizon… An important person made reservations at an Italian restaurant.

The problem is … You have a funny feeling that you’re lost. You’ve never driven to this restaurant… And worse still, your phone just died.

You glance at your watch: 7:49 PM. Your heart beats faster. Dinner reservation at 8.

Everyone is already there. You think it’s on the next road over… but you just can’t remember. Not another soul on this road.

If you CAN’T find this place, you’ll have to turn around. You’ll have to go home, find the directions, come back an hour late.

Maybe you can just crack a joke about getting lost, you think. Not the end of the world… but certainly not ideal. You’d rather be right on time: tearing off chunks of fresh, steaming hot garlic bread, drinking wine, and joking with everyone.

You squint up ahead… you see your solution: A gas station! You can ask for directions, and likely arrive at the restaurant on time.

Guess what?! It’s the same thing with setting up an effective major renovation, home addition,  or custom home project.

Without directions, you’re trapped spinning in circles – trying to figure the way on your own. You’ll get fed up. Frustrated. You might just run out of time (and money). And worst case, you have to complete restart!

It’s good that you’re taking action, but without a map…you’ll end up with the same problem: never having the security of a well planned, fully pre-determined, fixed-price project.  You open yourself up to a world of risk. 

Why take the chance on what’s likely to be a very large investment of time and money? Why start your journey without a plan and be forced to play by the designers or contractors rules… instead of your own.

Are you considering a Winnipeg based renovation, home addition, or custom new home build? Ask us how we can help you create your own road map that involves a series of small commitments, rather than jumping in blind!

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