Revisiting the Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen has become one of the most central part of our homes and many of us would agree that is the heart of our home. It’s the space we show off to family and friends when they come over. While we oogle, yes, oogle at the countertop, cabinets, and the colour and style of the door and drawer pulls; we must also look at the importance of the kitchen backsplash. It’s one of the design elements that helps tie the look together.

Choosing your kitchen backsplash depends largely on what style you like. If you love the contemporary style, why not consider a large format tile? There are tiles that are 2’ x 4’ or even larger, at 3’ x 9’ which will make your kitchen backsplash appear seamless. This is a bonus for those of use who want something easy to clean and maintain, large format tiles will minimize grout lines.